*Important Upcoming Events*

CSF Tutoring After School
Monday thru Thursday 2:30-3:30pm
Counseling Office

Link Crew Tutoring After School
Tuesday & Thursday 2:30-3:30pm
Counseling Office

Need a Transcript?
E-mail:  Monteen Solberg <>

Students new to the La Jolla Area
Enrollment is by appointment only.
Please call  Mrs. Marta  (858-454-3081x2203)

  May 7; May 30

May 23, 2014
Per. 1 Gr. 9
Per. 2. Gr. 10
Per. 3 Gr. 11
Per. 4 - Seniors -  MADD Assembly


May 26 - Memorial Day

Senior High Graduation
June 12, 2014
Gene Edwards Stadium

Last Day of School
June 13, 2014

LJHS - Universal Tardy Policy

Tardies will accumulate one semester at a time. The slate will be wiped clean at the end of the first semester.
Tardies can’t be “Made-up”.

Tardy Consequences
First week of each
Tardy grace period. Student – Teacher conference. Tardies will not be recorded and will not be applied to the consequences.
First Tardy after
Grace Period
Conference with Student. Mark first tardy. This student conference could consist of nothing more than verbally letting the student know that he or she has, in fact, been  marked tardy for the 1st time.
Second Tardy Parent Contact to warn parent that student is in danger of earning a lowered citizenship grade for next tardy. A universal parent notification letter could be used for this purpose.
Third Tardy Citizenship grade lowered one grade
Fourth Tardy Citizenship grade is lowered one more grade and the first referral is written. Counselors will contact parents. At a minimum the student will be assigned one day of detention.
Fifth Tardy Citizenship grade lowered one more grade.
Sixth Tardy Citizenship grade lowered to a “U”.
Seventh Tardy Referral number two will be written for defiance of school rules. Vice-Principals will contact parents. The student will be suspended.