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Clearance Card Dates
for 2014 Fall Sports

August 4th 9:30am - 11:30am
August 11th 9:00am - 11am
August 18th 11:00am - 1:00pm
*Please bring your second semester report card

Calling All Viking Parents!
Volunteers needed for Registration 2014-2015

Need a Transcript?
E-mail:  Monteen Solberg <>

Students new to the La Jolla Area
Enrollment is by appointment only.
Please call  Mrs. Marta  (858-454-3081x2203)
after August 20, 2014

LJHS - Universal Tardy Policy

The first week of each semester will be a tardy grace period; i.e., tardies will not be recorded. Teachers will counsel students about the tardy policy, and tardies will count thereafter.

After the first week:



First week of each

Tardy grace period. Student – Teacher conference. Tardies will not be recorded and will not be applied to the consequences.

For the first 1-3 tardies

The teacher gives verbal warning about being tardy, institutes classroom-based consequence at the discretion of the teacher, and makes contact home (via e-mail, letter, or phone call).

4th tardy

Citizenship grade lowered one grade.

5th tardy

Teacher makes second contact with parent.

6th tardy

Teacher writes referral for defiance. Counselor/administrator assigns afterschool detention.

Beyond 6 tardies

Further interventions may include lowering the citizenship grade to a U, additional referrals, parent conference, and/or Saturday school.